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Talk Again  is an easy to use companion to Aphasia patients and stroke survivors, helping users to find and voice basic vocabulary.

Talk Again contains hundreds of pictures, each accompanied by a caption along with audio. These pictures are divided into simple item categories.

Item categories include: feelings, people, food, objects & more.

Talk Again enables the addition and customisation of items such as relatives to fit the world of the specific user. 

Talk Again is designed for ease-of-use and beautiful pictures.

Your screens for everyday needs and activities

Talk Again offers seven main screens and numerous sub-screens to cover most of the basic, everyday vocabulary needs. You can customise nouns, family-member, favourite foods, etc.


Main Screen
Item Zoom
food hint
Add Item- Image, Caption, Audio
others more help en
Who needs Talk Again?

Talk Again is for Aphasia patients, stroke survivors and their caretakers; 

  • People who need to find their "lost" vocabulary and practice it.

  • People with speech disorder such as stuttering, apraxia, or dysarthria.


Talk Again can help regain basic vocabulary for a victim of dementia.

How does Talk Again work?

Talk Again presents hundreds of pictures and video clips accompanied by captions and sounds.

Talk Again helps users to express basic emotions.

Talk Again trains users through language practice - presenting a set of customisable items grouped in categories, with or without captions. Users hear the pronunciation of the words along an image.

Talk Again comes with a large set of basic terms Users are encouraged to add their customised items (including pictures, captions and audio). Such additions may include relatives or familiar owned objects Users can even introduce new, custom categories. 

Watch it work!



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